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Hi! I'm Metehan Köktürk and I'm a

I'm a sound engineer & designer, collaborating as a sound artist & electronic music composer in various independent collectives, and also performing as a DJ around Istanbul.

I'm also a multi-instrumentalist playing mainly electric & acoustic guitar, but also the piano, violin, clarinet and various ethnic instruments such as 3-string baglama.

I like to use my instrumental understanding to approach various musicians from the sensitivity of a musician and a performer when it comes to music production.

As a former software engineer I used to work for one of the most used information and telecomunication technologies’ company. Nowadays I am combining my skills to enter the music scene from a personal perspective.

When I'm not lost in sound waves, I like to take photographs of the nature or city life, sometimes a bunch of light or a frame of texture. Or just fooling around with my longboard.

Creative Works


Working Process

Background & Experience

  • 2020 - Ongoing

    Ph.D. in Music @ ITU MIAM

    Focus on Sound Engineering & Design, Sonic Arts and Composition

    Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Centre for Advanced Studies in Music (MIAM)

  • 2015 - 2019

    M.A. in Music @ ITU MIAM

    Focused on Sound Engineering & Design and Sonic Arts

    Thesis Topic : Audio Based Classification Over Musical Production Period, A Study on Musics of Barış Manço and His Contemporaries

    Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Centre for Advanced Studies in Music (MIAM)

  • 2003 - 2009

    B.Sc. Computer Engineering @ Istanbul University

    Focused on Software Engineering

  • 2019 - Ongoing

    Sound Artist & Composer, KompozitArt Collective

    Sound design of the audiovisual artwork Urban Nature

    Sound design of the audiovisual artwork Derailed

  • 2017 - Ongoing

    Sound Engineer & Designer, Freelance

    Mixing & Mastering for The Wandering Bard – A Musical Narrative album of The Wandering Bard

    Mastering for Lady In Green album of The Wandering Bard

    Post-Production for Season 4 of Podcast

    Post-Production for Trendyol Selam Ekip Podcast

  • 2020 - Ongoing

    Guitar Instructor

    Beginner Level for Electric/Acoustic Guitar

    Face-to-Face or over video conference

  • 2018 - Ongoing


    Performed at several clubs in Kadıköy/Moda

    Performed at in-house events around İstanbul

  • 2012 - 2018

    Software Engineer

    Worked in several Telecommunication Companies

    R&D and Commercial Projects

    Backend Development with Java & Spring Framework

    Business Intelligence and Reporting with Oracle PL/SQL

    Deployment of RBT Service Infrastructure

    Software Testing based on VAS Services

    Abroad working experience in China

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